Professional podcast studio

We offer a laid-back environment for you to record your session in.

The recording room has fine acoustic treatment with an average reverb ratio of 0.2.

We’re armed with superb hardware from RODE & Sennheiser – up to 4 mics & headphones and a Rodecaster PRO audio interface.

Coffee, tea, water, heat and most importantly – high-speed internet are freely available within the premises.


representative space for you and your guests


high quality recordings and services from our team


easily accessible location and hospitality

Diana Uzunova

radio host and audio editor

Strahil Dimitrov

digital expert

Stiliyan Rinkov

consultant and producer

houses the original productions of The Podcast Place, RINKOFF’s audio production and the services of Dee Dee Voice Overs.

recorded by us

Невидима крепост
Една българка
Честна мускетарска
Ти и науката: Подкастът на Обекти
Емоционалната интелигентност – рецепта за развитие
100 Неща
Мениджър: Управлявай бъдещето
Третият сектор

съвместна работа

Подкастът е един от най-рентабилните за създаване медийни формати. За цена, моля изпрате ни запитване

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If needed, you can ask Sintez for the following services in support of your podcast:

Podcast video recording

Podcast video recording

By request we can provide you with a video recording from one or more cameras of your podcast. Video “self-service” is also available.

Audio editing and montage

Audio editing and montage

Audio editing of your podcast to a final podcast product. Provide the team with notes with your preferences.

Voice-over services

Voice-over services

Ask about our voice-over catalog and we can choose the one that fits your needs.

Professional podcast production

Professional podcast production

Trust the professionals regarding podcast content production.

Podcast website

Podcast website

Websites open up possibilities for better engagement with audiences.

Podcast audio brand

Free with subscription package

Podcast audio brand

Your audio brand contains licensed music, voice-overs, signals and more.

Web ad campaigns

Web ad campaigns

Your podcast can reach more people with web advertising. Ask the team for more info.

Online recording

Online recording

If needed we can provide a virtual studio where you can meet your guests in other cities or states.

they and others synthesize podcasts with us


125A, Stamboliiski Blvd.

🚗 Where can I park?

The area around the studio is a green zone – it costs 1 BGN per hour via SMS to 1303 to park (text your car's registration number). Usually, there are free spots on Paternii Nishavski street, right next to the school – a 2-minute walk to the studio.

The Mall nearby has underground parking – the first 15 minutes are free, 1 BGN per hour afterwards.

🚌 How can I get there using public transit?

Trams 3, 8 and 10 have a stop very close to the studio as well as bus N74 and trolleys 1, 3, 5 and 7. Of course, there is also the subway – Opalchenska station, part of M1 is a 5-minute walk.


Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday - by additional request

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My experience in content creation is…*
1 - None / 10 - Very experienced
Help our team so that we are properly prepared :)
Additional services:
More information about each service can be found under the audio products and services on the page.
I will receive a raw recording and process it myself…*
I have a graphic design for the content I plan to create…*
I have my own audio brand (licensed music, start, end and middle jingles and other signals)*
Project urgency...*
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Attention :) If you mark 10, there is a chance we will contact you outside of working hours
Sintez Podcast Studio is a project of The Podcast Place and RINKOFF.
The Podcast Place is a production house and catalog for Bulgarian podcasts, which can assist in the development of your content.

RINKOFF is a digital consultant who can assist with the web presence and distribution of your content.
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About us

  is an independent company, established at the beginning of 2021 by Todor, Didi and Ruby. Connected by the same mission - to deliver exquisite content, the team expands with Diana, Strahil and Stiliyan, who become part of it in April 2022.

“Our passion is the bulgarian podcast production and development of the podcast community here. Content creators feel at home in the studio and they know they’ll be getting the best possible result and feedback.”

Sintez houses the original productions of Bulgarian podcast catalog and podcast producer - The Podcast Place, digital consultant’s media services of RINKOFF and voice-over service by Dee Dee Voice Overs.

“Creators who collaborate with us have the opportunity to get every service from A to Z for their podcast. From idea development to production and web support for podcast websites. By default you always enjoy hospitality, consultation, recording and basic audio editing before montage. The way we work expands the horizons of content creators and helps our mutual work reach more people.”

Our team has diverse experience in media production and would gladly answer every possible question with solutions.

media appearances

За подкастите – професионално. Интервю с The Podcast Place

ABC design and communication



За подкастите с любов: Алекс и Стилиян от Podcast Place


Първи стъпки в създаването на подкаст


frequently asked questions

Yes, you can :) Contact our team to assist in planning the exact number of hours required.
Everything can happen and we show understanding in force majeure situations. Usually we advise our guests to come 5-15 minutes before the scheduled recording time to get comfortable before the session.
Payment is made after we have fixed the services we will provide. For this purpose, we issue an invoice with data provided by you and the due date of the first planned record. Depending on your chosen plan and payment method, it can be one-time payment or monthly, and you can take advantage of bonuses and discounts.
Our team can accompany you through the processes in the studio and the behavior in front of a microphone. Rely on full cooperation according to your needs. For absolutely novice creators, we recommend a few training hours :)
If requested, we can provide an audio or audio-video virtual studio, where we can create a podcast remotely. Contact our team for more details.
Digital presence for businesses and organizations by RINKOFF.

Podcast production services and distribution by The Podcast Place.

A catalog of voice overs by Dee Dee Voice Overs.
You can ask your questions at We will be happy to answer :)
The short answer is - yes, it is added. VAT is deductible if you are a legal entity that is VAT registered *

* Explained by a podcast studio, not an accounting firm :)