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Questions & Answers

Here you can get additional info about a variety of topics regarding the studio.


Can you help me edit and publish my podcast?

Right now we don't offer post-processing, publishing or production services. We just provide the rails.

However, we're very eager to see our customers succeed and can offer some guidance, provide educational materials and share our experience in everything related to creating a podcast. Just let us know and we'll do our best to put you in the right direction.

What if my session is a little over 1 hour?

Don't worry, we rarely book sessions back to back. If you need some extra set-up or wind-down time and your podcast is 60-something-minutes long, we'll charge you only for 1 hour.


What recording equipment does the studio have?

Our microphones:
1x RODE Procaster,
2x RODE Podmic,
1x bang-for-buck t.bone sc USB mic

Our headphones:
2x Sennheiser 280 Pro,
1x Sennheiser 200 pro,
1x Marshall Major III BT

Our audio interface:
Rodecaster Pro

Additionally, we offer plenty of cables, adapters and accessories as well as tripods to make your recording session a breeze.


What does "fine acoustics" mean?

The studio has acoustic treatment to reduce reverberation, provide less echo and add more clarity specifically to vocal frequencies. Our walls are covered with a different type of panels – the white pyramids are 50mm Basotec acoustic foam and the triangles – textile panels from Decibel. Walls are about 20-30% covered and the reverb ratio for the 0 - 250Hz frequencies averages 0.2, measured with ClapIR.


Are pets allowed?

Pets are not only allowed but encouraged! If you feel like it, feel free to take your furry friend with you on your recording session. There is a water bowl in the studio.


Where can I park?

The area around the studio is a green zone – it costs 1 BGN per hour via SMS to 1303 to park (text your car's registration number). Usually, there are free spots on Paternii Nishavski street, right next to the school – a 2-minute walk to the studio.

The Mall nearby has underground parking – the first 15 minutes are free, 1 BGN per hour afterwards.


How can I get there using public transit?

Trams 3, 8 and 10 have a stop very close to the studio as well as bus N74 and trolleys 1, 3, 5 and 7. Of course, there is also the subway – Opalchenska station, part of M1 is a 5-minute walk.

Free coffee you say? How do I use the odd-looking contraption to make one?

Glad you asked! Our studio is equipped with the Aeropress – one of our favourite coffee-making tools. Use it to make all the coffee you want.

This little video features a simple explanation of how to prepare a delicious cup of coffee using the inverted method (also known as the correct method 😁).